Balancing Act: Mind, Body, Spirit and Nervous System Resilience in Healing

Hey there! Let’s dive into our approach that seamlessly blends psychotherapy, Reiki and a focus on the nervous system—creating a holistic conversation about well-being in the mind, body, and spirit.

Psychotherapy is not just about thoughts, it’s also about creating safety and resilience in the nervous system. It helps create cognitive wellness and builds capacity, fostering an adaptable response to stress. Plus, it’s a space to address and heal stored trauma.

Now, let’s talk Reiki. Beyond its spiritual vibes, Reiki brings balance to the body’s energy flow, contributing to a more harmonious nervous system. It plays a part in creating a sense of peace, calm and regulation to the nervous system while addressing stored trauma, allowing for a comprehensive and healing experience.

Science time! The nervous system is like the conductor in our healing orchestra. By creating safety and more regulation, it not only maintains harmony but also aids in creating resilience and capacity to move through every day stressors. Additionally, it plays a crucial role in the healing of “stored trauma,” ensuring a holistic approach to well-being.

Adding a layer to the spiritual depth, Reiki becomes a tool for trauma-informed healing. It connects you with your inner self while addressing stored or stagnant energy/emotions and trauma (survival energy/stress response) providing a holistic and nuanced approach to self-discovery and purpose.

The ultimate goal remains embracing wholeness. With psychotherapy, Reiki and a focus on nervous system health, the aim is to empower you to work towards integrating every aspect—mind, body, spirit, and the scientific intricacies, creating not just healing, but a lasting sense of well-being, regulation and trauma-informed care.

Brit xo