Hi I’m Brit!

Let’s work together to create inner and outer healing and help you achieve balance and wellness in all aspects of your life.


Discover healing and personal growth through Individual Psychotherapy and Energy Healing with Reiki.

Whether you’re dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, trauma or interested in personal development and growth, seeking some healing or healthy relationships, I’m here to guide and support you. Throughout our sessions you will find we tend to focus on the mind, body and spirit, combined in a way that feels right for you. We will use a blend of traditional therapeutic methods within our psychotherapy sessions and energy healing sessions can also be provided as well (if that’s something you are interested in or would like to know more about!) Together, we will create a unique and powerful experience tailored to your needs.

Are you feeling disconnected from yourself or stuck in a pattern of negative cycles, lacking a sense of peace or joy – within yourself, your relationships, your life? 

I’ve been in your shoes

And I understand how scary and painful it can be. To feel like it’s never going to get better and that I wasn’t worthy of more. When I began my journey I was unaware that something such as changing my thoughts could start to change my life. Once I connected with a psychotherapist who was also a Reiki Practitioner my world began to change. I began to feel empowered – that I am not destined to be negative, unhappy and stuck rather that I have the power to create capacity, change, heal and grow. And that I could change my life. My relationship with myself began to change as well as the relationship to others. I also began to make positive changes within my life – things I never believed I could do. I began to learn to live more authentically and feel more alive and free as a result! I can and would love to help support you in doing the same – on your own unique healing journey. 

Discover healing, personal growth and transformation through individual psychotherapy and holistic services with Brit. 

Brit leads people on a journey back to themselves and their highest potential, supporting individuals in finding ease in their mind, body and spirit. Using and providing many tools for transformation and healing. Blending psychology, science and spirituality, Brit brings a realistic and compassionate, heart-centered approach to meet you where you’re at and what feels right for you. 

Embarking on your unique journey of self-discovery, therapy with Brit can encompass a non-linear exploration that may span across these five main areas.  Of course, this process varies for each individual and there is no fixed linear path; the journey unfolds uniquely for everyone.

the 5 stages of self-discovery


Security building

Establish a sense of safety in your body, nervous system, environment, and relationships. Rebuild resilience and capacity for a stable foundation.


Healing Renewal

Engage in inner child work and self-reparenting. Address attachment and emotional wounds, replacing old patterns with new core beliefs to promote healing.


Insightful understanding

Gain insight into patterns, attachment, wounds, trauma, and nervous system health as the foundation for personal growth.


Empowerment Exploration

Foster self-understanding, intuition, and trust. Reconnect with your power, embrace divine feminine energy, and set boundaries to live authentically.


Transformational Reinvention

Embrace a continuous journey of listening to your body, releasing stored emotions and trauma, and rewiring old patterns. Cultivate self-love to witness positive changes in your life and relationships, actively creating the the life you want! 


Purpose will find us when we live in more of a state of wholeness.